About Us

What is a CRU?

  • Pueblo CRU is a Crisis Response Unit that meets on a regular basis for ongoing training to respond to local disasters.  It works to help provide a context for personal and neighborhood preparedness and established places of refuge.

Why get involved?

  • Pueblo CRU is relational and can tap into the resources of a global family of responders who’s goal is to see great demonstrations of God’s mercy and love in the midst of crisis and disaster.


  • CRU meetings provide responders with times of Holy Spirit impartation, training, fellowship, and prayer.

Our purpose is to prepare you to be ready to serve God and others with a faith filled response in times of crisis.

Please understand, our mission is “harvest focused” not “survival focused”.

Life in the Kingdom is about laying our lives down and

giving our resources away for the sake of sharing His love and mercy.

In short, We prepare in times of plenty, so we can provide in times of need.

Pueblo has a team of trained responders who are already active.  Pueblo CRU members do not have to deploy in a crisis or disaster.  Some responders may be local support only.

We’d love to have you join us.

Come– Be A Part of Pueblo CRU!