Jeremiah Assignment


Pueblo, CO Crisis Response Unit

Jeremiah Assignment



         As a non profit organization we have a heart to reach out to our community. Our goal is to share God’s mercy and love in the midst of crisis and our purpose is to prepare volunteers to be ready to serve God and others with a faith filled response in times of need.


         With these objectives in mind, we felt that a long term volunteer outreach would benefit our community and mobilize our volunteers to serve those in need.


         “But I will preserve the orphans who remain among you. Your widows, too, will be able to depend on me for help” Jeremiah 49:11


         Who shall we serve?

Widows, orphans, elderly, disabled, single parents, those survivors who have experienced crisis in their lives and need some hope and a helping hand.


         How shall we serve?

Our volunteers will provide free labor and assistance with work on property, in the home, odd jobs, shopping, wheelchair ramp installation, assistive device installation and more.


         How can someone get our assistance?

Anyone can apply below or call our Jeremiah Assignment Director, Steve 719-240-2716. We will mobilize volunteer work crews once per month to complete pre-approved jobs in our community.